Monday, September 6, 2010

Discussion Questions for Chapters 36 - 50

It's been a busy holiday weekend for both Erin and me! That's why they didn't go up yesterday. We'd still love to hear your response to this section of the book even if you're posting later in the day. Happy reading!

1. Have your feelings about Tim changed through out this last section of chapters?

2. Do you agree with Cory and her behavior as an adult and her life with Ken? Is she justified in cutting her mother and father out of her life?

3. At what point do you think Cory decided to spend less time with her mother?

4. What do you think is Eve's biggest fear?

5. When the story about Genevieve's body came out, what would you have done if you were Eve? Just sat back and watched things unfold? Come forward? Would you tell Jack?

6. Do you think Eve should tell Jack and confess? Why?

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