Sunday, May 15, 2011

First of all, it looks like Blogger ate my linky tool that is on last week's post. With all the trouble they've been having, I think it somehow disappeared? Not sure...either way, I'm putting it back on there and I'd love for you to link up if you answered last week's questions.

Now onto this week's questions!

Please leave a comment with a question or two and I'll add it to tomorrow's post. Hopefully you're closer to being done with the book than I am. I have some reading to catch up on tonight!


  1. From the first go around it seems there was a general negative feeling towards the author. Do you feel any guilt for criticizing an author who was brave enough to put part of her life in writing for the world to see?

    What surprised you the most about the details of the aftermath of Katrina?

  2. Did it surprise you how much money Julia spent on food for the relief workers?

  3. After reading about Julia's acts of service and coverage of Katrina in the second half of the book, has your opinion of her changed?