Monday, March 28, 2011

Part Two Discussion Questions

Hope you've enjoyed part 2 as much as we have! Thanks to those of you who shared your questions! Feel free to answer them all or only the ones you feel compelled to answer. We can't wait to hear your thoughts.

From Samantha:

What did you think of Marlboro Man's proposal? How would you feel if you were proposed to like that?

She wrote a lot about never riding in a pickup truck before and how she used to judge girls who rode in the middle. After being with Marlboro Man she felt differently and actually wanted to ride in the middle. How do you feel about that? Have you ever judged somebody and then after learning more, regret that you had judged them?

From mcbracey:

After their first fight, did it make you question if Marlboro man was the one to give up everything for, or was Ree willing to do it because it was easy when everything else seemed hard?

Do you wonder what Ree is doing all day? How is she financially making it? Is she really just waiting around all day to meet up with Marlboro man at night?

Would you let your now husband duck out of your reception to watch a football game?

From Erin:

So many embarrassing things have happened to Ree in front of Marlboro Man. What is the most embarrassing story that comes to mind when you think of embarrassing things that have happened to you in front of a significant other?

How would you have reacted to being around for the prairie fire?

From Rachel:

There have been so many funny little stories along the way in the book. What has been your favorite? Any favorite lines?

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