Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rachel's Response to Chapters 13-25

1. Would you watch or be tempted to watch a show like Ape House?

Definitely. Do I think it's ethical or okay? No, but I'd be intrigued. Same reason I watch stuff like The Kardashian's or The Real Housewives. I don't think I'd be a regular watched, but I know I'd be interested in seeing what all the hype was about.

2. Do you think John did the right thing by quitting his job and moving to L.A.?

I suppose. He was unhappy and I truly believe that no one should be stuck in a job that's making them miserable. I've been there and I certainly didn't stick around. Moving to LA was probably best for his marriage and quitting his job was good for his sanity.

3. We haven't seen a whole lot of Isabel in this section, but what do you think of Peter now that we know more about him?

Peter kind of seems like a sleezeball! As soon as I found out he slept with Celia, I knew he was not one to be trusted. The more we've learned about him and his past, the more I'm learning that this is true. I really don't think we'll see him redeeming himself in this book.

4. Can John turn the ape story for the tabloid into something he is proud of? Is he getting a little bit of redemption by being assigned to his dream story again even if it is for a tabloid?

I think he has found a place to devote his energy and passion for journalism, and that is great. He is assigned to a story he cares about and I think that because of this he can write something he's proud of. I know this question doesn't ask about his marriage, but I want to say that I think taking this job and leaving LA for New Mexico may hurt his marriage.

5. Have your thoughts on John and Amanda's marriage changed since last week? Where do you see their marriage headed?

Like I mentioned's not heading in a good direction. It seems like they're only growing farther apart. Leaving his wife a job doesn't seem like a good decision for them.

6. What do you think will end up happening to the apes?

I have a feeling that we're not going to see a happy least not for all the apes. Right now it sounds like they're in a lot of danger, and I worry how this will all end. There's a lot of directions Gruen could take this story in. I'm excited to see it all play out.

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