Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rachel's Response to Part 3

I know, I know, I'm about 2 weeks late and posting, but I finished this past week and I wanted to share my thoughts! Better late than never, right??

Erin asked...

Ree faced many changes and challenges in her first year of marriage with the separation and divorce of her parents, marriage, life on the ranch, and pregnancy. How would you have coped with so many changes at once?

I would have been a basket case. I have a hard time with change, and when you throw in that many at one time, I would have felt like I was drowning. While reading I was actually surprised by how well she managed it all. I hope I never find myself in that position!

Jessica asked...

Did you feel the third part of the book was rushed compared to Part I and Part II?

A little bit. It seemed like she was trying to squeeze it all in. I would have loved for her to have gone more in depth about her pregnancy and the postpartum blues she wet through, but I can also understand that those were "harder" places in her life compared to her dating and engagement to MM.

No! Nothing like her experience, at least. When we took our trip to Europe last year (not a honeymoon), our luggage was lost on the way there and then again coming home. That had me so upset. I can't imagine having bad things happening on my honeymoon!

One of my biggest wondering is how Ree's parents feel about how much of the book she spends talking about their impending break-up, and eventual divorce. She then is very blatant about how frustrated and sad she was with her mom. How do you think her parents feel at their portrayal in her book?

You know, I was kind of wondering this myself. I am sure it was hard for them to read this. Hearing your daughter's thoughts on your divorce must be heart wrenching. But I understood why she put it in there. It was a major issue in her life while dating, planning a wedding, and her first months as a newlywed. It wouldn't have been easy to deal with,

Did you like the ending to the book? What more would you have liked to know about Ree and Marlboro Man's relationship?

Natalie asked...

If you read The Pioneer Woman's blog before reading this book, what have you learned about her? How did the book compare to her typical blog posts? If you didn't read her blog, will you now?

I can't really say I learned about her, because when I discovered her blog back in 07, I started reading the Black Heels section on there. As long as I read her other blog posts, I was also reading her updates to her love story, so I guess in my mind they were always intertwined. Hope that makes sense.

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